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  • About the Company
  • We will continue putting our efforts to determine general healthy lifestyle and provide the world with a more healthy
    and rich solution for the body and mind.
  • Be Healthy, Be Wealthy

Total Swiss International is a health care business founded by Dr. Wang Wen Chin, who promoted the slogan “Always young and healthy”with a biochemical perspective. At a world-leading biochemical research center in Germany, the company promotes research and development based on the proper theory of well-being and manufactures “Fit Solution” products as its core invention under strict and exhaustive manufacturing and examination process in Swiss.

In January 2010, Total Swiss International began in earnest in Taiwan and is currently providing a worldwide service centered in Asia.

Total Swiss International determines general healthy lifestyle to satisfy demands of modern society and yields marvelous sales extension and rapid growth every year. By constructing various transnational and regional networks, the company will continue to provide healthy lifestyles to many people worldwide.

Our Mission

Total Swiss strives to transform the paradigm of health care industry through continuous research.

As we are facing the life expectancy of a hundred years, longevity is no longer blessing but fear for modern society.

For this reason, Total Swiss provides an excellent solution to “a beautiful and healthy life” which today’s society needs.

To realize this effort, the company endeavors to contribute to improving quality of life by enhancing its technical skills and carrying out research and development for inventing new contents.

With differentiated products, unrivaled marketing skills and strategic plans for pioneering new markets, Total Swiss will develop into a first-class health care business in the world.