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  • We will continue putting our efforts to determine general healthy lifestyle and provide the world with a more healthy
    and rich solution for the body and mind.

As much as contemporary people are exhausted by busy everyday life and stress, their irregular eating habits often lead to unbalanced diet. Therefore, it is important to replenish the vitamins and minerals which are essential for keeping good health.

Vitamins and minerals are vital for assisting normal physical growth, as they help carbohydrates, fats, and proteins—the sources of our energy—to function properly and effectively.

The Total Swiss products are thoroughly studied and developed in the biochemical & physical perspective so that they may be effective in human body.

Developed in Germany, at the heart of world-class scientific technology
The “Fit Solution Series” which supports healthy lifestyle was invented in Germany, the hub of health and medical development.
Pursuing strict quality control and safety measures
Our products are manufactured in Switzerland where strict manufacturing arrangement and clean work environment is reputable.
* Natural Alternatives International, Inc
Quality assurance by Swiss Vitamin Institute
To have consumers continuously use our goods with confidence, the products are regularly examined and analyzed at Swiss Vitamin Institute which is a certified inspection agency.
* Established in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1931, Swiss Vitamin Institute is a prestigious analytical agency that monitors safety and quality of vitamins used in food, medicine, and cosmetics.
Carefully selected natural materials
Putting safety in human body as our primary concern, we carefully select and use natural materials and dismiss any synthetic sweeteners and coloring agents. Also, we acquire ‘halal certification’—which is globally renowned for its strict inspection process—so that anyone in the world can use our products with confidence.
* Halal certification guarantees that products are free from animal-derived substances and meet its complicated and strict manufacturing standards that are used as important index of choosing reliable foodstuffs.
Environmental Friendly
We believe that product development must be made with attention to global environment. In fact, Total Swiss is certified with “green label”—a system introduced by the Environmental Office in Singapore to protect the environment—which is the first-rate environmental control system.